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I have always had an interest in gardening, my dad and grandmother both grew fruit and veggies in the garden and I loved picking the fruits of their labours (particularly strawberries when Nan wasnít looking!) my aunty would take me to the local pick your own farm (PYO) to gather berries for her jam making, so itís probably in my genes but I didnít take it up as a hobby as such.

I needed to get variety into my pet Iguana and Uromastyxís herbivorous diet and as supermarkets donít stock dandelions and nasturtiums I had to get green fingered, quickly.

Cheech the Iguana loves home grown Nasturtiums! Now I was no expert, I have had to do my research and through trial and error had some success with particular fruits and veggies, and some huge disasters with others (sweetcorn is just one I can think of!).

Despite the trials and tribulations of my adventures in fruit and veg growing, I find it hugely satisfying to feed Cheech (11 year old Green Iguana) and Pooky (9 year old Uromastyx) home grown, organic vegetables, fruits and flowers and I know they love it because they eat it, even if they werenít keen on the supermarket version they will eat my home grown.

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